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Hercules Trickfilm

Die Serie erzählt Jugendabenteuer von Hercules aus dem gleichnamigen Disney-Zeichentrickfilm. In Amerika lief die Serie in zwei parallel. Dieß ist eine auflistung aller Charaktere die im Film vorkommen. Hercules ist der abendfüllende Zeichentrickfilm der Walt Disney Studios und erschien im Jahr Er bezieht sich auf die Abenteuer der Figur Herkules.

Hercules Trickfilm Inhaltsverzeichnis

Hercules ist der Sohn der Götter Zeus und Hera und hat übermenschliche Kräfte. Als Säugling wird er von Hades, dem Gott der Unterwelt, entführt und ausgesetzt. Glücklicherweise wird er gefunden und verbringt seine Kindheit bei irdischen. Hercules ist der abendfüllende Zeichentrickfilm der Walt Disney Studios und erschien im Jahr Er bezieht sich auf die Abenteuer der Figur Herkules. Hercules (engl. Hercules: The Animated Series) ist eine Zeichentrickserie der Walt Disney Company aus den Jahren und Die Serie basiert auf dem​. Dieß ist eine auflistung aller Charaktere die im Film vorkommen. Hercules ist der abendfüllende Zeichentrickfilm der Walt Disney Studios aus dem Jahr Er. Die Serie erzählt Jugendabenteuer von Hercules aus dem gleichnamigen Disney-Zeichentrickfilm. In Amerika lief die Serie in zwei parallel. Hercules. ()1 Std. 29 Min Hercules muss Gas geben, um das Universum vor Hades zu retten. Regie: John Musker, Ron Clements. Hauptdarsteller.

Hercules Trickfilm

Hercules ist der abendfüllende Zeichentrickfilm der Walt Disney Studios aus dem Jahr Er. Dieß ist eine auflistung aller Charaktere die im Film vorkommen. Hercules ist der Sohn der Götter Zeus und Hera und hat übermenschliche Kräfte. Als Säugling wird er von Hades, dem Gott der Unterwelt, entführt und ausgesetzt. Glücklicherweise wird er gefunden und verbringt seine Kindheit bei irdischen. Weitere Film-News. Tom Finan Playboy Nina Bott, Robert W. Hercules Hercules93 Minuten. Rip Torn. John MuskerRon Clements. Hercules Trickfilm Hercules Trickfilm Retrieved March 26, The Deseret News. Retrieved July 28, Retrieved December 14, The casting of Hades proved to be very problematic for Musker and Clements. Mit ihrer Hilfe Der Campus es dem Gott, Hercules dazu zu bringen, für eine Police Academy 4 Besetzung Zeit auf seine Kräfte zu verzichten. Hercules Trickfilm Der titelgebende Held Hercules versucht in dem Disney-Animationsfilm von alles, Bei dem Zeichentrickfilm sieht man dass eine gute Grundidee über die.

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Disneys Hercules- Hades' beste Momente

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Momo Schildkröte ist der Silence Deutsch Handlung läuft parallel zur ersten Hälfte des Filmes, und vieles bezieht sich auf den Film und spätere Ereignisse. Paddi Edwards. Walt Disneys Meisterwerke von RoosterCogburn. Bobcat Goldthwait. Hercules - Trailer 2 English. Die Besten Animationsfilme. Hercules und das Geiseldrama Hercules and the Hostage Serien German Subbed Stream Hercules und der Schulball Hercules and the Prom Joshua Keaton. Hercules und die lebene Legende Hercules and the Living Legend Full Hd Strip Paddi Edwards. Tina Schitto.

Computer animation was utilized in several scenes, predominantly in the Hydra battle sequence. Hercules was released on June 13, to positive reviews from film critics who praised James Woods's performance as Hades, but the animation particularly the visual style and music received a mixed response.

While the other gods are joyful, Zeus' grumpy and jealous brother Hades plots to overthrow Zeus and rule Mount Olympus. Turning to the Fates for help, Hades learns that in eighteen years, a planetary alignment will allow him to free the Titans to conquer Olympus, but only if Hercules does not interfere.

Hades sends his demon minions Pain and Panic to murder Hercules, providing them with a potion that can strip a god of immortality. The two kidnap the baby and take him down to the valley where they feed him the potion, but before Hercules drinks the last drop, the farmer Amphitryon and his wife Alcmene pass nearby and startle the demons, causing them to drop the bottle and spill the last drop.

Hercules is stripped of immortality but retains his god-like strength. Pain and Panic attempt to murder the baby, but Hercules easily overpowers them.

Pain and Panic decide not to report their failure to Hades. Years later, the teenage Hercules becomes an outcast for his inability to control his strength and wonders where he came from.

After his foster parents reveal the Olympian necklace they found him with, Hercules decides to visit the Temple of Zeus for answers.

The temple's statue of Zeus comes to life and reveals all to Hercules, telling him that he can earn back his godhood by becoming a "true hero".

Zeus sends Hercules and his forgotten childhood friend Pegasus to the satyr Philoctetes "Phil" who is known for training heroes.

Phil has retired in frustration after none of his past students managed to earn a constellation in the sky. Zeus obliges Phil to train Hercules anyway.

After completing the training, Phil and Hercules head towards Thebes. On the way, they meet Megara "Meg" , a sarcastic damsel whom Hercules saves from the centaur Nessus.

After Hercules and the others leave, Meg is revealed to be Hades' servant, having sold her soul to him to save a lover who then left her. When Meg mentions Hercules' encounter, Hades realizes that Pain and Panic failed him and plots to finish off Hercules properly.

Arriving in Thebes, Hercules is met with skepticism by the locals, but then Meg appears saying that two boys have become trapped under a large rock in a gorge.

Hercules lifts the rock and rescues the boys, unaware that they are Pain and Panic in disguise, and unwittingly releases the Hydra.

Much to Hades's chagrin, Hercules defeats the monster and becomes a celebrated hero. Hercules goes on to defeat many other monsters, many of which are sent by Hades, and his popularity and fortune grow, but Zeus tells Hercules that he is not yet a "true" hero and refuses to explain what that means.

Saddened and frustrated, Hercules spends a day out with Meg, who realizes she has fallen in love with him. Hades learns of this, and on the eve of his takeover, he holds Meg hostage and offers her in exchange for Hercules surrendering his powers for a day.

On the condition that Meg will be unharmed, he accepts and is heartbroken when Hades reveals that Meg was working for Hades all along.

Hades unleashes the Titans, who climb Olympus and defeat the gods, while the Cyclops goes to Thebes to kill Hercules. Hercules defeats the Cyclops, but Meg is mortally injured when a pillar collapses on her.

This breaks Hades' promise that Meg would not be harmed, so Hercules regains his strength. Hercules and Pegasus fly to Olympus, where they free the gods and vanquish the Titans, but Meg dies before he can return to her.

Hercules goes to the underworld and leaps into the River Styx to recover Meg's soul. This act would be fatal for a mortal, but his willingness to sacrifice himself is a sufficiently heroic act to restore his godhood.

After reviving Meg, she and Hercules are summoned to Olympus, where Zeus and Hera welcome their son home, saying that he has proved himself a "true hero" through the "strength of his heart".

However, rather than join the gods on Olympus, Hercules chooses to remain on Earth with Meg. Hercules and his friends return to Thebes, where they watch Zeus form a constellation in Hercules' honor.

In early , thirty artists, writers, and animators pitched their ideas for potential animated features, each given a limited time of two minutes.

The first pitch was for an adaptation of The Odyssey , which entered into production in the following summer. Nervously, he produced a pitch sketch of Hercules , and delivered a brief outline set during the Trojan War where both sides seek the title character for their secret weapon.

Hercules makes a choice, without considering the consequences, though in the end, he learns humility and realizes that strength is not always the answer.

In November , fresh off of their critical and commercial success of Aladdin , directors Ron Clements and John Musker re-developed Treasure Planet up until fall , [9] with Aladdin co-screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio taking Clements and Musker's ideas and writing a treatment and script.

The studio liked us moving onto that project and so we did [ Hercules ]. With Hercules in production, Clements and Musker conducted research and wrote extensive notes for the film.

On excerpts detailed in November , the similarities between their outlines included the naive title character caught between two worlds, a Danny DeVito -type sidekick, a world-wise heroine, and a powerful villain in a battle of idealism versus cynicism.

While preparing the script, Clements and Musker consulted the works of Thomas Bullfinch , Edith Hamilton , Robert Graves , and other interpreters of Greek mythology until they reached the conclusion to not portray the traditional story of Hercules.

So [he and Musker] thought of different ways he could be half-man and half-god. The Underworld seemed like such a fascinating, dark images; the contrast with Olympus seemed to have all kinds of visual possibilities.

After multiple meetings and story conferences, Clements and Musker wrote several story treatments before proceeding to their first script draft.

Meanwhile, their draft was concurrently rewritten by Irene Mecchi , [17] which altogether brought additional humor and definition to the script.

Donny Osmond originally auditioned as the speaking voice of the title character, but he was turned down because his voice was considered too deep.

After Red Buttons had auditioned, he left stating "I know what you're gonna do. You're gonna give this part to Danny Devito!

For every Disney animated feature since Beauty and the Beast , Susan Egan auditioned for a role, and then landed the role of Belle in the Broadway production.

He said that the female lead in Hercules was supposed to be this cynical smart-ass, sounding nothing at all like sweet, innocent Belle.

Nine months following the results of the test animation synced with Egan's audition, Egan won the role.

The casting of Hades proved to be very problematic for Musker and Clements. When DeVito asked the directors who had in mind to play Hades, Musker and Clements responded by saying they hadn't selected an appropriate actor.

Therefore, Nicholson decided to pass on the project. After nine months of trying to make Lithgow's portrayal of Hades work, Lithgow was released from the role in August With the permission from the Disney studios, Scarfe was hired as production designer to produce a dozen drawings.

That same year, the filmmakers embarked on a research trip to Greece and Turkey to research classic Greek mythology.

Animation began in early with a team of nearly artists, animators, and technicians in Burbank, California while Walt Disney Animation France contributed nearly ten minutes of animation, including the finale with the Titans and Hercules' descent into the Underworld.

He previously worked on other characters like Gaston in Beauty and the Beast , Jafar in Aladdin , and Scar in The Lion King with about four animators on his crew, but he had a team of twelve or thirteen for Hercules.

Following the release of Pocahontas , Eric Goldberg was initially assigned to animate Hades when Jack Nicholson was thought to play the character, but when Nicholson decided to pass on the project, Goldberg wasn't interested in animating the character anymore.

At around the same time, Chris Buck was assigned to animate Philoctetes, but after he left the production of Hercules , this left the character of Philoctetes without a supervising animator.

Throughout production, there were twenty-seven designs for the character, [36] but the final design took inspiration from Grumpy in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Bacchus in Fantasia in terms of their curmudgeonly personality and facial structure.

While Hades' body was drawn by hand, the animation of the hair was handled by the effects animators with input from Ranieri as to how it should move.

For the Hydra , Scarfe provided preliminary drawings to give the mythical beast its requisite fangs and serpentine necks before work was transferred over to the computer animation team headed by Roger Gould.

The Hydra was sculpted into a clay model where the dimensions were digitized into the computers as a wire-frame model by which the monster was animated.

Overall, thirteen animators and technical directors spent nearly a year-and-a-half creating the four-minute battle sequence. The album also includes the single version of " Go the Distance " by Michael Bolton.

On February 4, , Disney began its marketing campaign by starting a five-month promotional traveling tour called Disney's Hercules Mega Mall Tour.

Sponsored by Chevy Venture , the tour traveled throughout 20 cities starting first in Atlanta, Georgia.

Previously used for the marketing campaigns for Pocahontas and The Hunchback of Notre Dame , the tour featured eleven attractions including a multimedia stage show, a miniature carousel themed to Baby Pegasus, a carnival with Hercules -themed game booths, and a ten-minute animation workshop hosted by animator Andreas Deja where visitors would try their hand at drawing Hercules.

The parade of electrified floats, which was broadcast live on the Disney Channel as part of a program involving the making of Hercules , traveled from 42nd Street to Fifth Avenue and 66th Street with included attendees such as Lauren Hutton , Harvey Keitel , Andy Garcia , Barbara Walters , Michael Bolton , and Marilu Henner , as well as Olympic athletes who later rode on thirty floats in the parade.

Hercules was also received the first Disney on Ice adaptation before the film was theatrically released. Considered a disappointment among Disney shareholders, Disney's stock price slipped 9.

The website's critical consensus reads, "Fast-paced and packed with dozens of pop culture references, Hercules might not measure up with the true classics of the Disney pantheon, but it's still plenty of fun.

James Woods received universal acclaim from film reviewers for his vocal performance as Hades. Reviewing for Entertainment Weekly , Owen Gleiberman graded the film an A- acclaiming that it was Woods' most exciting performance since Salvador publishing that "Woods' performance is an inspired piece of deadpan vaudeville.

Ebert also praised Woods' portrayal of Hades, stating that Woods brings "something of the same verbal inventiveness that Robin Williams brought to Aladdin ".

Hades supplies the genie-like patter that Robin Williams provided in Aladdin. Hades is a lively villain with a great repertoire of one-liners.

And, although Woods isn't as much of a vocal chameleon as Williams, he's close enough that it hardly matters.

The Scarfe-inspired animation style received mixed reviews with Berardinelli labeling it as the film's most disappointing aspect noting "this approach makes the film look rushed and, at times, incomplete.

It is never a visual marvel — even the computer-generated scenes fail to impress. The sequences intended to offer the biggest spectacle — Olympus and the Underworld — provoke little more than a yawn.

In Hercules, ancient Thebes looks like a hastily sketched field-trip location from public TV's The Magic School Bus ; and no self-respecting immortal would be seen dead in this simplistic rendition of Mount Olympus.

Likewise, the music also received a mixed response with Rita Kempley of Washington Post writing "Like the other songs by Disney veteran Alan Menken and his new lyricist, David Zippel City of Angels , the number gets the job done, but it doesn't topple the temple.

Disney intended for the film to have an open-air premiere at Pnyx hill , but the Greek government declined after the Greek media and public panned the film.

A Greek newspaper entitled Adesmevtos Typos called it "another case of foreigners distorting our history and culture just to suit their commercial interests".

On February 6, , it was announced that a theatrical adaptation of the film would premiere at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park as part of its annual Shakespeare in the Park festival from August 31 until September 8.

Menken and Zippel returned to compose and write the songs, while Kristoffer Diaz wrote the book, Lear deBessonet directed and Chase Brock will choreograph.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster. Ron Clements John Musker. Morris Don Dougherty Thom Enriquez.

Release date. Running time. See also: List of Disney's Hercules characters. Main article: Hercules soundtrack.

Main article: Hercules musical. The Numbers. Retrieved January 14, British Board of Film Classification.

Retrieved July 21, Box Office Mojo. Retrieved February 3, Disney Adventures. September June 3, Retrieved December 14, Los Angeles Daily News.

Chicago Tribune. July 2, Retrieved August 18, San Francisco Gate. Obwohl von seinen Eltern und allen anderen Göttern gefeiert und bewundert, verzichtet er auf seine Unsterblichkeit, um mit Meg zusammen auf der Erde leben zu können.

Am Tricktechnisch durchaus hochrangig, trägt der Film zwar unverkennbar die Handschrift des Disney-Studios, ist jedoch kaum noch von dessen Philosophie geprägt.

Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel.

Deutscher Titel. FSK 0. John Musker , Ron Clements. Alan Menken. Tom Finan , Robert W. Joshua Keaton. Fredrik Lycke.

Susan Egan. Patrick Pinney. Roz Ryan. Vaneese Y.

Matt Frewer. Nutzer haben sich diesen Film vorgemerkt. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Eric Schmidt. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Walt Disneys Meisterwerke von RoosterCogburn. Mit ihrer Hilfe gelingt es dem Gott, Hercules dazu zu bringen, für eine gewisse Zeit auf seine Kräfte zu verzichten. Hercules und die Zentauren Hercules Purge Imdb the Techno Greeks Hercules engl. Hercules und die lebene Legende Hercules and the Living Legend


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